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Stunning Bottom Wear—For The Progressive Indian

Men's bottom wear isn't just about matching or highlighting the shirts you wear; it’s about making a style statement and conveying your class of living. Our finest collections of men's bottoms such as trousers, jeans, joggers, and shorts emphasise the significance of lower wear for men and their lifestyle. Through our wide range of bottom wear, men can find their special matching trousers and shorts for every occasion.

At Indian Terrain, we aim to deliver subtle unique men’s bottoms through key e-commerce platforms. By doing so, we ensure our products reach every Indian man looking to buy bottoms online. In 2020, we further expanded our physical reach in tier-II and tier-III cities to achieve this goal and grew as one of India’s largest men’s bottom wear and top wear brands.

Today, you can easily find our latest, top-of-the-line lower wear for men at over 400 doors of large-format stores.

The One Stop For All Professional Men’s Bottom Wear - Trousers @ Indian Terrain

What makes a perfect lower wear for men you ask? It’s simple patterns and colours formulated over a top-notch quality fabric and expert craftsmanship. This winning formula has helped us create men’s bottom wear range that is unique and exquisite. It has also helped us evolve as trendsetters in lowers, online.

To add a little style to 9-to-5 life, we’ve got some catchy formals in our collection of lower wear for men. They are available in the Kansas, Urban-Cropped, and Brooklyn fits to suffice all men’s bottom wear needs in 14 different sizes. If you want to be that one employee everyone looks up to, browse through our vast formal lower online collection to find your nonpareil trousers (and work hard).

To balance your work-life styling with nightlife’s charm, our men’s bottom wear designers have also devised the finest collection of slim-fit, chinos, and yarn-dyed trousers. Our line of casual lower wear for men is jam-packed with groovy designs and modern cuts to give you a brand new choice, every time you buy lower online.

Apart from the standard solid colours of black, blue, beige, and brown, Indian Terrain has its exclusive Khaki collection made of traditionally woven casual and formal lower wear for men. If you’re looking to buy bottoms online, our Khaki collection will not disappoint you.

Calling All Travel & Fitness Freaks - Joggers & Shorts @ Indian Terrain

Joggers and shorts have grown to be more than athleisure men’s bottoms. They are the essential component of lower wear for men who workout or travel for passion.

Our tech-infused poly-cotton joggers offer high perspiration and mobility while eliminating the bad odour, typical in other men’s bottom wear. They will endure and sustain their fit, no matter how hard your workout. They are equally styled to suit you as a casual men’s bottom wear for outings and travel.

However, when it comes to travel-specific bottom wear, men need shorts. Be it for foreign tours or long drives to hidden scenic spots, a fine pair of cargo shorts from our men’s bottom wear collection goes with everything and everywhere. As for variety, you will find 13 different shades in all 4 standard fits for shorts when you buy bottoms online at Indian Terrain.

Style The Way You Want - Designer Jeans @ Indian Terrain

If there’s any lower online that seamlessly transitions from a formal look to a casual, it’s the blue jeans. The staple blue, black, and grey jeans crafted by our men’s bottom wear experts form the perfect base for all your top wear with their subtle textures and simplistic shades. Despite which, they add a flamboyant touch to your personality, creating an impression like no other lower wear for men ever could.

Jeans today are widely accepted as a standard men’s bottom wear attire by several corporate and educational institutions across India. And our collection of jeans in Trenton, Kruger, and Brooklyn fits are best suited for these purposes. Hence, before you buy bottoms online for your office or college use, have a look at our distinct jeans in the men’s lower online collection to find your best fit.

Jeans are the only men’s bottom wear to be considered a versatile garment that suits every lifestyle effortlessly. Hence, once you find the perfect pair of jeans in our men’s bottoms collection, you can wear them to work, date-nights, daytime errands and more, for that casual and comfortable look.