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Indian Terrain

Established in the year 2000, Indian Terrain has always been the exception than the norm. In a market of global fashion brands, Indian Terrain draws from its origins to craft premium American Sportswear for the man of today. Indian Terrain offers a complete range of smart casual wear including Shirts, Khakis, T- Shirts, Shorts, Knitwear, Jackets, Denims, Accessories and more crafted to make you feel good.

The Spirit of Man is our visual identity encapsulating energy, conviction and restless ambition. Real and authentic, it defines our very existence. Because we believe that a man is just a body without its Spirit.

BEHIND the scenes

Spirit of man

Excellence. That is what I’m for. The peak of a Mountain, the top of a Skyscraper. That is where I’m headed to. Pushing body and mind towards the best picture of myself.

And by looking at it, what will you see? Family, friends and soul. Because that is what I’m made of. You never reach the peak of a Mountain without somebody that believes in you. You never reach the top of a skyscraper without someone that supports you. Because a man is just a body without its spirit.

Welcome Spring Summer ’19

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