Let's Be Fair!

Being fair will always matter in India

When you choose to buy garments crafted the Fairtrade way. It means that you are conscious of the Earth, of the farmer, of processes, and of sustainability.

Where does my shirt
come from?

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Telangana, Maharashtra & Gujarat


Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat & Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu & Himachal Pradesh

You’re helping guarantee sustainable livelihoods

In the vast reaches of Indian villages, farmers growing Faitrade certified cotton receive a better income, that enables entire families to live healthier and gives them the opportunity to improve sanitation, prosperity and education.

You’re choosing a
sustainable material

With the Fairtrade certification, hazardous chemicals are prohibited, genetically modified seeds are banned and farming communities are trained with better soil, water and waste management practices to ensure the conservation of natural resources.

You’re choosing a
gentler garment

From when the cotton is planted and harvested planted to every stage of the manufacturing process, each group of people is trained to ensure empathy and social sustainability – child labour, forced labour and discrimination are banned while health and safe working standards are adhered to.

It’s time to shop fair