The Spirit of Madras

This season we return to our roots – the city of Madras. It’s here that our dreams took flight.

The city has a long history, but some accounts take even a history buff by surprise. For instance, the fact that Yale University was so named in 1718, after the Governor of Madras, Elihu Yale.

Did the Governor know he had opened the port to the West? Eventually, this led to the West’s discovery of the unique Madras fabric.

Once fashion houses got a taste of this innovation, they set sail to shop at Madras. Within months, this fabric was widely used in smart-casual apparel and soon became an integral part of American Sportswear.

Inspired by the impact of Madras on global fashion, Indian Terrain decided to set shop in the city. It is the spirit of the city that led us here. It is this spirit that powers our Autumn-Winter’15 Campaign. Shot at locations that have become an integral part of Madras, the campaign showcases the best of our offering this season.

Explore our Autumn-Winter’15 collection, mark your favourites, and experience the Spirit of Madras.