How India Helped Invent The Blue Jeans

Though the gents’ jeans were first made in Genoa, Italy, India had a major role to play in the formation of its denim cloth.

It is said that the cotton corduroy used to make denim was known as jean. However, the denim used to make cotton jeans pants were made in Nîmes, France. The cotton weavers there invented a twill fabric that had one white weft (width-wise) thread passing under two or more indigo-coloured warp (length-wise) threads and called it ‘denim.’

The organic indigo was the only natural colour that didn’t seep through the thread of the cotton jeans pant while adhering to its surface. It was easy to colour with indigo and gave the gents’ jeans its faded look after multiple washes. This organic indigo dye was initially and exclusively made in India and got its name from the country.

Without India’s tradition of making indigo dyes, the classic sky blue jeans may not have existed.

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