Men’s Shorts—Casual Style with an Urban Edge

Once known as ‘knickerbockers,’ men’s shorts have a vivid history of being a soldier’s attire to a school kids’ uniform. In the late 19th century, these men’s shorts were adapted as functional and fashionable wear by the British, who later popularised them in India. Today, they are portrayed as a man’s quintessential fashion choice by many shorts online shopping sites.

Indian Terrain strives to create men’s shorts that satiate this search for comfort and vogue. Our men’s shorts online collection is designed for every man, keeping in mind their significance in everyday life. For us, men’s shorts are more than casual wear; they are a way of standing out of the crowd with a look that can only be defined as ‘decently bold.’

We have the most comprehensive collection of gents’ shorts online with a wide range of colours and prints to choose from. You can easily pick your fit and size of men’s shorts from one of our 150+ exclusive brand outlets across India or buy men’s shorts online from our convenient e-commerce platform.

Men’s Shorts For Summer & Casual Wear—Where Comfort Meets Chic Styling

A walk on the beachside at sunset can only be perfected by a pair of casual men’s shorts that fit on you and the scene, effortlessly. Our men’s shorts utilise the finest fabric, which is almost 100% cotton, making them lighter and cosier to move around in. Our casual fit and regular fit gents’ shorts online are crafted with simplistic patterns and unique colours to match your most preferred top-wear choices. So before you plan your weekender, browse through our contemporary men’s shorts online to find something new.

And if you’re worried about large size fittings, we’ve got you covered. We have expanded our lines in men’s shorts to offer more plus-size options in India. Our size inclusivity ensures plus size men’s shorts in India will always have a vast collection to choose from.

Work Hard, Play Harder—With Our Slim-Fit Men’s Shorts Online

Front-flat men’s shorts and plain shirts as office wear for special days (mostly Fridays) have become acceptable in corporate culture today. And we have taken men’s shorts to a whole new level of formal wear with our regular fit flat-front shorts in solid colours and smartly set lengths. Their comfortable fitting and sober texture reflect as much maturity and confidence as your regular formal trousers. If you’re looking for one of these business casuals for your