Discover The Earth Khaki Line

The Earth Khaki Line- Merge with nature
Indian Terrain strives to create beautiful apparels with making minimal impact on the environment. Protecting nature and not causing any harm to it has been one of the top philosophies of Indian Terrain since its inception. Keeping up with the same, we present the Earth Khaki Line- a range of men’s trousers, shirts and polo t-shirts dyed using naturally occurring pigments. These are a range men’s clothing dyed in fresh, pastel colours that are ideal to wear during the summers. Not only is pastel ‘in’ in today’s fashion world, they also let you effortlessly portray a certain charm about your personality. Explore the Earth Khaki Line and buy men’s shirts, trousers and t-shirts at

Cool pastels for a fresh look
The history of khaki goes back a long time when they were introduced as uniform for the British military personnel. Since then, khaki trousers and top-wear have evolved to gain many different styles and patterns. Khaki is basically made using cotton, wool, or combinations of these fibres, as well as with blends of synthetic fibres. The Earth Khaki Line at Indian Terrain is crafted especially for those who love to sport a relaxed, easy look. You can find both formal men’s dresses and casual dresses in this line of apparel.
A range of formal men’s clothes including shirts and trousers in pastel colours are available in the Earth Line at Indian Terrain. They allow you to sport a classy appearance in and out of the boardroom. Walk into an important meeting wearing a pastel blue shirt and light khaki formal trousers for men, and you’re sure to have everyone’s attention. Going casual has never been this stylish! With the Earth Khaki Line your vacation pictures are going to look way more attractive than ever. Grab a pastel yellow men’s t-shirt and pair it with a sap woven light green Brooklyn trouser and you’re good to go!
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