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Loyalty Program

What is Indian Terrain’s loyalty program?

Man2Man is Indian Terrain’s loyalty program that lets you earn points on all your merchandise purchases and redeem those points for rewards. This loyalty program is available across all Indian Terrain stores.

This loyalty program allows you to earn points equivalent to 3%, 5% and 7% of your purchase value provided you make purchases worth a maximum of Rs 4999, between Rs 5000- Rs 14,999 and above Rs 15,000, respectively.

You are eligible to earn 100 free loyalty points upon enrolment for the program.

Loyalty points can be redeemed by the customer in the subsequent transaction. Customers will require a minimum of 200 loyalty points to redeem a reward. Only a maximum of 5000 loyalty points are redeemable per bill.

How do I earn loyalty points?

For every purchase of yours that amounts to a value less than Rs 4,999, to a value lying between Rs 5000- Rs 14,999 and to a value above Rs 15,000, you will be awarded points equivalent to 3%, 5% and 7% of purchase value, respectively. Each point is valued at Re.1. You will be eligible to redeem your points only when it reaches a minimum of 200.

Upon Purchasing An Order Online, When Do The Loyalty Points Get Added To My Account?

All loyalty points earned during a transaction will get added to your loyalty account after 16 days of the order purchase, or after the return period for that order is over.

What type of merchandise will earn me loyalty points?

You are eligible to earn loyalty points for any merchandise that you shop at Indian Terrain

What happens to my points when I return items that I purchased at the store (offline)?

Upon returning the items you purchased offline, the loyalty points you made use of during the purchase will be reversed to your account.

When will my loyalty points expire?

If you have collected loyalty points worth 3% of your purchase value, they will expire within 6 months from the date of purchase. Similarly, upon collecting loyalty points worth 5% and 7% of your purchase value, they will expire within 12 months and 18 months from the date of purchase, respectively.

How can I upgrade my loyalty program?

You can upgrade your loyalty program from tier 1(Star) to tier 2(Pro) by increasing your purchase value from Rs 5,000 to any value under Rs 14,999. To upgrade your loyalty program from tier 2 (Pro) to tier 3 (Masters), increase your purchase value to any amount above Rs 15,000.

Can I redeem my loyalty points on discounted products?

Yes. You can redeem loyalty points on discounted products. However, on those, you will be able to redeem only 50% of the loyalty points that you would otherwise attain on a non-discounted product (of the same purchase value). Please note that on a non-discounted merchandise you will always be eligible to redeem full value of your loyalty points.