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Indian Terrain—The Spirit Of Indian Man

Indian Terrain has strived to create the best trousers for men that complement their growing status and elegance. By incorporating the modern fashion sense of the 21st century in our traditionally made fabric's finest selection, we create formal and casual trousers that one can wear with pride and style. We offer a wide range of Brooklyn fit, Urban fir, and Slim fit trousers for men who are digitally-powered and upwardly-mobile.

Indian Terrain is a team of highly-skilled artisans, design experts, and visionaries who promise the utmost comfort and incredible fitting through our collection of trousers online.

Today, you can find our best-in-line menswear products in 1000+ Multi Brand Outlets, 4 150+ Exclusive Brand Outlets, and e-commerce platforms to buy trousers online.

Our Inspired Collection Of Men’s Formal Trousers

Whether you are a businessman or a professional, you would want your formals to radiate your flamboyance and flair subtly. And when it comes to men’s formal trousers, slim-fit trousers are a common choice, followed by Urban fit and Brooklyn fit.

Keeping these factors in mind, we introduce new formal trousers in various textures, prints, and patterns that can allow you to change with the fashion trends of the time without compromising comfort. These formals are crafted with high-grade cotton and spandex and made to deliver excellent stretchability and endurance along with a minimalistic look. With our cotton trousers, men will experience the true form of 'nonchalant.'

To break your dilemma of switching grey or black formals round the week, Indian Terrain lets you choose from an array of colors from blue, brown, white to beige, navy, and khaki in our men’s trousers online collection.

Now expand your style horizons with varied colors and textures for slim-fit trousers, and stand out in your workplace, meetings, and conferences as the man of modern India.

Our Ageless Collection Of Men’s Casual Trousers

Weekends parties, marriages, outings, or a dinner date, no matter what the occasion, having the right casual trousers is a must.

Indian Terrain is one of the few brands that offer chinos in all standard fits, including the Kansas, Urban-Cropped, and Brooklyn fits. Hence, before you buy casual trousers online, we implore you to browse through our vast collection.

How about something that lets you switch between your work and play look instantly? Browse through our checks and self-checks trousers online to find something that will help you achieve that balance.

We all have our own definition of fashion and best trousers for men. And to support all, Indian Terrain maintains vast variety and the newest designs for trousers for men in 14 different sizes. This diversity is why Indian Terrain is trusted and commended for delivering the best trousers for men for over two decades now.

Before You Go... Here’s A Quick Style Guide For Choosing The Right Trousers Online

The real challenge of styling lies in selecting the right formal or casual trousers for the right occasion. Hence, before you visit any website to buy trousers online, read through these styling tips for essential events of your routine life, shared by our design experts.

For The Office-Goers:

Wearing the same old, black, slim-fit trousers to your workplace will only dissolve your presence in the crowd. If you want to stand out, pick one of the following pairs:

  • Choose checkered or striped slim-fit trousers over a plain white or any light-colored shirt.
  • Go for a pastel-shaded, light peach or blue trouser and highlight it with a black or a dark-toned shirt.

For The Perfect Date:

If it is your first date, your first impression can be your last one. Choose from these casual trousers for a great beginning -

  • If you want to present yourself as a mature-yet-fun-loving guy and looking to buy trousers online, pick from our brown khaki, or navy chinos and balance it with a light, comforting white or light-pink shirt.
  • If you are not a fan of chinos, then cropped or slim-fit trousers would also do the trick.

For A Casual Outing:

Taking a break from your routine life to travel? Here’s the trouser for men that your backpack should have.

  • Dark-colored chinos paired with the classic blue-shades of shirts
  • Any of the green shade casual trousers to be worn with simplistic black or grey T-shirts
  • The traditional dark-toned T-shirt and white shirt combo, with unconventional light-toned chinos or casual trousers

Buy the latest fashion men’s trousers online at Indian Terrain for every occasion, need and size and celebrate the spirit of Indian men in style.