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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Clothes

Fashion that places the terrain first.

Indian Terrain is driven by the philosophy of ‘Clothing that makes you feel good.’ Given our core values, can sustainability be far behind?

We are the only main street brand that has partnered with FairTrade. This is further to our partnership with likeminded people and institutions to ensure an eco-friendly fashion solution in the coming few years. A series of steps have been taken across the value chain and we are on track to meet our goal of increasing the contribution of organic clothing to our product line. It is our terrain. If not us, who?

Steps in this journey :

We ensure a sustainable process is followed in every step of creating fashion.

Only natural fibers across our entire shirting range

Organic dyes made from natural sources, adopt a system of re-use and recycle, where recycled polyester is used for the zippers of jeans, buttons of the core khaki line, for instance.

Compostable polybags tags ensure that our packaging is also eco conscious

Take a stand for the terrain.