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Spirit Of Madras

Centuries ago, the Governor of Madras gave Yale its name. We just gave the University something appropriate to wear. It is with quiet pride that we shine light on this lesser known fact. Yale University was so named, after the Governor of Madras, Elihu Yale. This was a few years before the internet, in 1718 to be precise. Did the Governor know he had opened the port to the West? Fashion houses set sail to shop at Madras for the unique Madras fabric. Within months, it was widely used in smart-casual apparel, and soon became an integral part of American Sportswear. Inspired by the impact of Madras on global fashion, Indian Terrain decided to set shop in the city. American Sportswear found a new home, with old roots. Serendipity? We just call it the Spirit of Madras.


Spirit Of Music


The Hindu November Fest 2018

Synonymous with both Indian and International music, the Hindu November Fest has been captivating music lovers for years. Last year, Indian Terrain sponsored two rising fusion music bands, Staccato and IndoSoul. With both bands based in Madras, Staccato focuses on ‘multi-genre’ songs, while IndoSoul pours its heart into Carnatic contemporary. The two bands played at Double Edge, a concert at the November Fest held in Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

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Spirit Of Champions


Junior National Equestrian Championship 2018.

In 2018, Indian Terrain forayed into sports with the Junior National Equestrian Championship, held at Tollygunge Club, Kolkata from 24th to 30th December. The event was a celebration of the #SpiritOfChampions with participants from all across India. The young riders and their magnificent horses were spectacular in their presentations with skilled displays in tent pegging, dressage and show jump, truly living up to the prestigious nature of this championship. The winners were felicitated with gift cheques from Indian Terrain.

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Spirit Of Excellence


Business Line on Campus (BLoC).

Indian Terrain sponsored the Business Line on Campus (BLoC) Boardroom Challenge 2017. The event, targeted at Business and Management students to showcase their skills, was met with an overwhelming response. The participants were given case studies to be presented in front of a panel of qualified judges as a test of business and leadership skills. The contestants truly outdid themselves with their fresh and innovative perspectives. Winners were felicitated with certificates from Businessline and a cash prize from Indian Terrain and were also announced the ‘Businessline CXO of the year’.

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